It is said that fossil fuel reserves will run out in the not too distant future.

So, developing soft technology to make use of the existing natural energy more efficiently is urgent. Solar panels and wind turbines are part of such solution. The first wind power station on Amami-oshima was put into operation on December 26, 2009.

 It was installed within the boundaries of Amami Country Club (golf course). The tower is 107 meters tall and the turbine rotor blades have a diameter of 82 meters. The total cost was more than 600 million yen. It is supposed to generate 199 kilowatts of electricity, which is equal to the power demand of 1400 households.

 A suitable location for wind turbines has to be open to the wind and far away from the living quarters, because of the noise from the rotor blades, so the location hunting would be pretty challenging to make it in the future.


Other Amamian Islands such as Kikai, Okinoerabu and Yoron already have a wind power station, each. Kagoshima prefecture as a whole has 97 wind turbines so far. It is sure that we will have more and more wind turbines hereafter. But we also expect they will preserve nature and its landscape for many years to come.



Born in Tokyo in 1938. Passed his boyhood on Amami-oshima island. Moved to Amami again in 1974 from Tokyo. Interested in taking pictures, shooting videos and fishing.