Born in Tokyo in 1938. Passed his boyhood on Amami-oshima island. Moved to Amami again in 1974 from Tokyo. Interested in taking pictures, shooting videos and fishing.



(Botanical name: Lilium longiflorum )

* When Spring comes, wild lilies called TEPPO-YURI start to bloom on hillsides or cliffs facing the ocean. This species of lilies has a very sweet aroma, so if you have some of the flowers in your home, the entire space will be filled with fragrance, especially at night.
* On Kikaijima (the island that was formed when a coral reef rose), TEPPO-YURI's (Easter lilies) are seen everywhere on the craggy coast. On Amamioshima, seaside foothills or cliffs are their main habitat. Kasarizaki (or Yomisaki in a local alias) is among the well-known spots.
* On craggy places, lily stems mostly bear a single flower because of the scanty and infertile soil. But if the condition is better, they can bear two or more flowers.
* Erabuyuri, which is one of the main export products of Okinoerabu Island, is said to be an improved breed of TEPPO-YURI. Erabuyuris sometimes bear dozens of flowers.

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