Born in Tokyo in 1938. Passed his boyhood on Amami-oshima island. Moved to Amami again in 1974 from Tokyo. Interested in taking pictures, shooting videos and fishing.

 * View of the inlet looking north from the jetty.

* View towards Route 58 from the vicinity of the powerplant      at Tamazato. ( Doesn't the red shochu brewery look like        Disneyland ? ) 

 * Boats moored to the jetty in morning mist.

  On a fine winter morning, you may see clouds of vapor rising up from sea or lake water, due to radiative cooling. Under some meteorological conditions, a thick radiation fog can cover the neighborhood totally, making familiar landscapes look somewhat like those in a visionary world. When this happens, you may feel like you were the early bird that caught the worm.
  The innermost inlet of Tatsugo Bay is home to Tamazato (where I live) and Ura villages and appears to be completely surrounded by rolling hills, so it looks like a small lake or at most a spacious pond. Actually, however, it's connected with the East China Sea and fishing boats are moored to the small jetty.
  The pictures here are winter morning scenes of the inlet.
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